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Return Policy

BurjAuto will replace or refund any product purchased from the online shop that does not conform to your expectations, provided that you submit your request within 30 days from the product delivery date. The date is determined by the courier tracking system.

Please follow the steps below to make a return or exchange:

  1. Visit the online shop
    Registered customers will be able to select the order they wish to return in the section “Order” under the “Your Page” section. Once you have selected the order, you may begin the return or exchange process. If possible, please provide a reason for the return or exchange so we can better serve you in the future.
  2. Confirm the pick-up details for your return
    You must provide your pick up address and telephone number on the online form as they will be shared directly with the courier. You will have the option to specify a date for pick up. Once you have completed the online form, we will send an email confirmation of your request for return or exchange that will include the (RAN) Return Authorization Number. In the event that the collection date indicated does not satisfy your needs, you will need to contact the courier directly through the telephone number listed at to agree on a date for pick up. The courier will require the shipment tracking number included in the ‘Return or Exchange confirmation’ email. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Care.
  3. Print the documents for the courier
    Once you receive the email confirmation of your return or exchange request, please print the following documents:
    1. The label to be attached to the outside of the package;
    2. The receipt to be signed by the courier that certifies the pick up of your package.
  4. Prepare your package for the return shipment
    Store the products that you intend to return or exchange in their packaging and place them inside the original outer packaging. Please make sure that all the labels of previous shipment are removed. If the outer packaging is too damaged, you will need to replace it with a similar package that guarantees adequate protection of the products. Finally, seal the package carefully and attach the shipping label for the courier.

    Please make sure that the security tag and hang tags of the products that you intend to return have not been removed. Any packaging and accessory shipped in the original packaging must also be returned. The products must not show any signs of wear, use or be altered in any way. The lack of one of the previously described requirements makes it impossible to accept the return request.
  5. Deliver the package to the courier
    Deliver the package and the invoice of return to the courier, as per the date and hours previously agreed and ask the courier sign the delivery receipt.

We remind you that a single request for return may only concern products contained within a single order. For different orders, separate requests must be made. BurjAuto products must be delivered to the courier for shipment within 15 days after receiving the authorization for return or exchange. After receiving the product and having it reviewed by our Quality Control Staff, we will inform you of the acceptance of the return or exchange. In the event that an exchange request is accepted, the new product delivery service will be handled by BurjAuto and we will provide you with updated tracking information. If your return or exchange request is rejected, any additional shipping costs will not be refunded. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Customer Service

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Get Quotation
Once registered, you can get Burjauto price and inventory online

1. By number

Fill up the basket manually one by one
2. By list

Download a template file into the search bar
fill up this file
upload it into the search bar
get the result by clicking “Get quotation” buttom in the basket.
3. You can also compare your price with Burjauto price and get the difference in percentage

Upload your price in the column “Target price” in Inquiry template and compare your price with Burjauto price.
4. Daily updated Price-lists
Get Invoice
For payment transfer

You can download the invoice

which will have our account details mentioned on it.

After the money appears in the "Finance" section click the button "Confirm Order" in the "Basket" section.

Bank transfer details:
UAE, Dubai
The National Bank of Ras Al –Khaimah (P.S.C)
P.O.Box 1531, Dubai, UAE
DUBAI, DWC FZE,BLDG 3, OF.3 , P.O.BOX 391127
In accordance with the bank requirements in regards to financial transactions, bank transfers used for order payments should follow the below criteria:

The sender of the money and receiver of the goods should either be the same person, or fall under the same group of companies with common capital (group of companies with one owner/group of owners). In case where the money sender and the receiver of goods are part of one group of companies with same owners it is necessary to provide documented proof.
Purpose of Payment:

The Purpose of Payment should be stated in English and should indicate the reason for the transaction in the following format “’Client login’ payment for auto spare parts’”. Purpose of Payment should not include any information which contradicts the nature of the transaction (e.g. ‘for personal use’ or any other reason which is not transportation/spare parts).
We have our own logistics team who can provide you the best mode of transport to our valuable client which might be either Air or by Sea (LCL or FCL).


For Overseas broker clearance, Burj Auto DWC LLC can provide only the below documents.
- Original AWB stamped by shipping agent
- Original Invoice & Packing List (H.S.Code can be provided as per your requirements in respective countries)
Also note for smaller shipments below 100 kgs, we have provide door to door service on DHL/FedEx but we need the ZIP code
of that particular shipping country to confirm the charges slab wise.

At the moment we can send Commercial cargo only (Company to Company basis).


Dubai to New York, USA (JFK)
On Swiss Air (LX) – Via ZRH
Airfreight charges
For +100 kgs - US$ 4.53/kg All in
For +300 kgs - US$ 2.95/kg All in
For +500 kgs - US$ 2.47/kg All in
Transit Time: 3 days

Dubai to Los Angeles, USA (LAX)
On Swiss Air (LX) – Via ZRH
Airfreight charges
For +100 kgs - US$ 4.80/kg All in
For +300 kgs - US$ 3.08/kg All in
For +500 kgs - US$ 2.62/kg All in
Transit Time: 3 days

Dubai to Perth (PER)
On Thai Airways (TG) – Via BKK
Airfreight charges
For +100 kgs - US$ 3.90/kg All in
For +250 kgs - US$ 2.75/kg All in
For +500 kgs - US$ 2.25/kg All in
Transit Time: 3 days

Dubai to Sydney (SYD)
On China Southern (CZ) – Via SZX
Airfreight charges
For +100 kgs - US$ 4.25/kg All in
For +300 kgs - US$ 2.65/kg All in
For +500 kgs - US$ 1.80/kg All in
Transit Time: 3 days

Dubai to Melbourne (MEL)
On China Southern (CZ) – Via SZX
Airfreight charges
For +100 kgs - US$ 4.25/kg All in
For +300 kgs - US$ 2.65/kg All in
For +500 kgs - US$ 1.80/kg All in
Transit Time: 3 days

Dubai to Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB)
On EK – Direct & Daily flights
Airfreight charges
For +100 kgs - US$ 4.55/kg All in
For +250 kgs - US$ 3.50/kg All in
For +500 kgs - US$ 3.10/kg All in

Dubai to Harare, Zimbabwe (HRE)
On EK – Direct & Daily flights
Airfreight charges
For +100 kgs - US$ 5.55/kg All in
For +250 kgs - US$ 4.45/kg All in
For +500 kgs - US$ 4.05/kg All in


Calculation Below,
Premium calculation for New Auto Parts: -
(Invoice value) * 0.50% or Minimum premium AED 450.00

*** Apart from the above destinations, suppose you need any assistance on pricing for other different Destinations & Courier charges please do mail us on
Oil Exports
For transport of Oil, we need to get MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) from official suppliers which will make it feasible for us to know whether particular oil can be transported as Hazardous or Non-Hazardous by Air or Sea Mode.

Also if the Oil is hazardous then the whole cargo (means if Oil is mixed with parts) will move as hazardous cargo only & the freight will be slightly different from the regular freight for General cargo.

Depending on the purchase, we will work on the freight charges on case to case basis.

Certificate of Conformity




  • Algeria
  • Angola
  • Benin
  • Botswana
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Ivory Coast
  • DR of Congo
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Gabon
  • GCC
  • Ghana
  • Indonesia
  • Iraq / Kurdistan
  • Kenya
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Liberia
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Nigeria - SONCAP
  • Philippines
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Somalia
  • Tanzania / Zanzibar
  • Togo
  • Uganda
  • Zimbabwe
Please refer below link for guidelines for certification process of your shipments:

In specific for below programs refer:


  • Completed RFC (Request for Certification) form
  • Proforma invoice with consignee details.
  • Valid Trade Licence copy, Test reports (conformity documents available), Quality documents, & product information of the shipment.
  • Complete billing address with contact person name & number with escalation matrix.
  • LC copy (if any).


Fee structure will differ from country to country.

Suppose for example: for fee structure for importation of auto parts into Zimbabwe will be as below,

(Except for Used Vehicles)
% Fee of the FOB value of the consignment
0.50 (Minimum USD 250 - Maximum 2675)
0.45 (Minimum USD 250 - Maximum 2675)
0.25 (Minimum USD 250 - Maximum 2675)
* The fees includes documentary review, shipment inspection and issuance of VOC Certificate as applicable,
Additional service which may be required (testing ,audit ,re-inspection, sealing...) is subject to additional quotation.
The fees are net of any taxes and duties.

** Value of shipment is the FOB value of goods (without customs, insurance & freight charges).

Technical review on regulation of the Shipment:

Based on the receipt of the above documents our technical team will do the preliminary document review for compliance as per exporting country.

Inspection & Certification:

Based on technical input, the physical inspection of the shipment will be organized.

COC (Certificate Of Conformity) will be issued upon satisfactory results of inspection and pertinent documents meeting the importing country requirements.

Note: If any non-conformity are detected during the certification process (including Testing/Inspection) of the files the certification fees applicable will be charged.

"Any terms and conditions as per letter of credit, contract, agreements with importers ... which needs to be mentioned in our certificate shall be informed to us prior to the file process"

SERVICE: Our services are carried out within the framework of Bureau Veritas General Conditions

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