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Payment information for private customers


We can accept payment through Visa or Mastercard.


Stock Availability

Please keep in mind that the stock availability changes rapidly and a part can sell out before the order is placed with our suppliers. If a part sells out after an order has been placed and paid for by the client, we will refund you the price of that part.



In the event of product damage, we will replace or refund the part provided that you submit your request within 1-2 days from the product delivery date.


The money will be refunded back to your card in 14-21 business days. This may vary depending on how long it takes the bank to process the transaction. 


When requesting a refund, there are two options. You can keep the money in your account balance to go towards future purchases or you can request the money to be refunded back to you.


The money in your account balance will not expire and will remain there until you place another order or request a refund.


Catalogue Lookup

We do not offer catalogue look up services based on vehicle model/make/year/chassis/VIN/etc. As such, you are responsible for selecting and ordering the correct auto part number. We will not be held responsible in the event that a wrong part is ordered and we will not process any returns/refunds.